Do men date older women?

Very much so. I love older women. There’s just something incredibly mature and classy about a woman in her 40s. I’m not the only 32-year old who feels that way.

Why do guys want to date older women?

A lady that is older usually is more confident and knows what they want in life, and that is extremely attractive. She usually also has experience and wisdom from life. She often will have loads of funny stories to tell.

How is your experience with older women?

Wonderful! Older women know what they want, have more experience, they are so stunning, passionate and attractive and also older women realy like younger men.

Date an older woman is awesome. They are a special breed and can be incredibly fulfilling to be with regardless of whether it is something serious or just something casual. Just make sure you listen to the guidance we’ve given you here, and you’ll be doing just fine when it comes to dating an older woman.

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